DelCam Real Estate Development & Sales is run by Steve Trotta


Steve has worked and invested in Real Estate since the early 2000s. His finance and management background, which includes over 11 years of experience working and managing teams on the Institutional side of the financial services business, lends itself well when analyzing and executing development projects and working with buyers and sellers. 

In addition, DelCam has developed several projects focusing on single family rehabs, condominium conversions and new construction. Steve has an undergraduate degree in Business Management from the University of Tampa and an MBA from Northeastern University.  Steve was also a board member for a Non-Profit in Boston called Boston Cares for six years, one of the largest volunteer mobilizers in Massachusetts.  He founded an annual fundraiser for Boston Cares that generated $30,000 per year for the organization.

Would you like Steve to represent you as a REALTOR in buying or selling your next home? Contact him today to get started at 617-281-7038 or Trotta1@Gmail.com

DelCam's Projects

DelCam typically focuses on multi unit properties and sells the individual units as condominiums.  The projects we undertake are residential construction and may consist of raze and reconstruction, remodeling of an existing footprint, or expansion of a property's footprint to optimize zoning allowances and produce value added square footage. We have worked alongside both local and city-wide historic districts to develop residences that complement these beautiful neighborhoods. Careful attention to detail and period design of residences and other structures of the neighborhoods and communities are factored into the architectural designs of our projects to maintain the historic integrity and blend into the neighborhoods. We work closely to develop great neighbor relationships and hire crews who demonstrate that they are committed to keeping a clean, safe and polite working environment.   

Targeted Location Selection

We are extremely thorough when selecting a location for our projects. We rigorously analyze the neighborhoods we enter. Our expertise is focused in Newton, Massachusetts but we explore other high quality markets in and around Boston when the opportunity and acquisition price is conducive to a low risk project that will deliver superior returns. We've completed successful projects in Newton, Watertown, Brighton, Medfield, and Shrewsbury. The markets we invest in are coveted locations in desirable neighborhoods due to a mixture of low crime rates, highly-ranked school systems, locations near public transit or proximity to Boston or other desirable cities or work places. 


Did you receive a letter from us?


Thanks for stopping by our website. We saw your home and we are interested in purchasing it- that is why we contacted you. We offer sellers the following incentives:

  • A private sale that would not include real estate commissions

  • Sales at your own pace. Understood you may need time to pack and find a new place to live. We are happy to give you the time you need to do that. Or if you would prefer a fast close, we can do that as well.

  • We are cash buyers who purchase properties in "as-is" condition, with usually just a simple visual inspection.

  • We will give you a fair offer based off market comps that we will present to you.  

  • We have a licensed and experienced real estate agent on our team who can work with you to find a new home or condo to relocate to.

  • Please contact us and we can discuss options for selling your home


Do you know someone interested in selling their home? Please send them our information. We are happy to talk to any Massachusetts residents about selling their home to us

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