BUY OR SELL A HOME WITH US (it doesn't have to be one of our properties!)

Steve Trotta (Direct/Text 617-281-7038) first held his Real Estate license in the early 2000s and has exceptional negotiation and communication skills. He's passionate about Real Estate as both a developer and a REALTOR and goes above and beyond to get his buyers and sellers the best deals possible. Steve works with the brokerage RTN Realty Advisors LLC (RTNRA). His finance and management background, which includes over 11 years of experience working and managing teams on the Institutional side of the financial services business, lends itself well when working with buyers and sellers.He also has a great deal of construction knowledge and can help clients envision what can become of a property.

Steve understands that buying or selling a home can be challenging—whether it's getting your offer accepted or strategically pricing your home to take advantage of the market—and Steve always welcomes new clients who we can help through the process. Contact Steve today to get started! Steve Trotta (Direct/Text 617-281-7038)


Ready to buy (or just thinking about buying)? 

Chat with Steve—your goals, your location, your price.  Together he will build a strategy to find you the perfect home.


Ready to sell (or just thinking about selling)?

Chat with Steve—your home's value, your goals, your aspirations.  Together he will build a strategy to get you the best price and terms. He'll make sure your home looks its best and develop a custom, multi-faceted marketing experience to reach as many potential buyers as possible to get your home sold!


Steve's marketing team does the following for sellers (at NO added cost):

- Professional photos, floorplans 

- Custom website, professional brochures and a targeted 200+ postcard mailing

- Email blasts and social media push to promote the property.

How to Price Your Home

How Steve will help you to determine a listing price for your home? It's not as easy as comparing to the neighbors. Steve does comprehensive research to present you with a comparative market analysis (CMA) and a suggested list price. 

The CMA factors in, among other things, active and pending listings, recent sales and expired listings of properties that are similar to yours. 

What Past Clients Say About Steve as a REALTOR: 

"When my wife and I were looking to leave the city, and buy a home in the suburbs, we wanted a real estate agent who had our best interests at heart, and one that would provide both of us with expert guidance throughout the process... it's no surprise that we decided to work with Steve Trotta and  his team. Steve toured Greater New England with us for more than 6 months, and really helped us identify and land the perfect home for our family. Buying real estate in New England is never easy... and we made an offer (that was accepted) on a property before Steve had a chance to see it... We went with an inspector that he recommended, and fortunately, that inspector was able to identify several issues that made us withdraw our offer... This was a great example of Steve helping us dodge a bullet, and looking back, we are very thankful for his good judgement and industry expertise. When it came time to make an offer on the home we bought, Steve was instrumental in negotiations, and in strategically outbidding several interested parties. Always leading with a cool head, always available to walk through any details... it was a real pleasure to work with him... If I was moving again, he would be my first call. I'd recommend Steve to anyone that wants to work with a pro!"


"Steve is a very personable and knowledgeable (both with the buying process and the building structure of the condo) agent. He seemed to have a lot of contacts in the area and was very honest, transparent and helpful during the whole process. He advised without ever being pushy. We wish him all the very best in the future!!"


"Steve Trotta helped me to buy some property last year. He was knowledgeable and honest. I would recommend him to anyone interested in buying or selling property."


"Steve was the listing agent on my condo. Something that stood out was the amount of time he took to research the area and the amenties and rules f the condo complex. He went above and beyond in helping me understand the sales process and getting the unit in front of the right audience. His  marketing was outstanding. He had a website made just for my condo. He also did a postcard mailing to neighbors. Everything was really high quality and accurate. I'd highly recommend Steve. He'll get your place sold fast and make the process really easy on you."